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Wrongful Death

When the injuries received in a personal injury case are too extreme to survive, that personal injury case becomes a wrongful death case. These are tragic incidents, because they are caused by negligent action or inaction, and should not have occurred. Any of the typical areas of personal injury accidents can become a wrongful death, with fatal accidents caused by motor vehicles being the most common.

If your family is dealing with the grief of a wrongful death, our attorney at Therese Harris Law Offices can help. You know monetary compensation won't undo the terrible events or your sorrow at the loss of your husband, wife or child. We also know that many families struggle financially after the loss of a spouse or parent, and you need compensation to make up for that loss. We can explain how California law treats these cases and explain who can file a case and the time you have to act.

You Want Justice

But we also understand that most people also want justice when faced with the gross unfairness of it — of a mother dying and leaving young children behind, of a wife losing her husband in the prime of his life, of children losing a parent, or of any parent having to bury their child. Against these heartbreaking losses, there is a need for justice. You want some recognition of the importance and value of that person's life and memory.

Our lawyer understands your pain and hurt and the need for justice. Whether a large monetary amount is awarded as punishment for negligence or a material change is ordered in how a product is manufactured or a hospital is asked to implement a specific procedure, these are important parts of the American judicial process, as they help to make changes that prevent additional deaths.

We Offer Compassionate, Experienced Representation

If your family has suffered a wrongful death, we are compassionate. We understand how difficult this process can be. We can help you deal with the legal issues that arise and help you mange those issues. And we give you and the members of your family the opportunity to grieve while we look after the legal matters.

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