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Slip And Fall

Premises liability is the legal term used to describe the liability of a landowner for negligence that occurs on their property. If you fall in a store because a broken bottle of oil has been allowed to remain for an unreasonable period, are hurt because damaged stairs are improperly repaired or are attacked by a vicious dog because the owner did not correctly secure it, you may have a premises liability claim.

Premises Liability Claims Are Varied

Our attorney at Therese Harris Law Offices can help you determine if you have viable claim and what you need to do to obtain compensation. Spills in a restaurant, torn carpeting, pallets or products strewn on a store floor, or other dangerous conditions, can all lead to serious injuries.

While falls are a staple of slapstick comedy, there is nothing funny about slipping on a spill and striking your head on a concrete surface. In fact, falls are one of the more common causes of death. We can help explain the law in California for premises liability and how it applies to your facts and work to recover compensation for your injuries.

Document The Source Of Your Injury

Photos and eyewitness's testimony of the condition of a location where you were injured can greatly strengthen your case. If you are severely injured, you may have to rely on a companion or an eyewitness to take pictures of your incident. If you are able, taking a picture with your phone of the immediate source of your slip or fall, as well as the general area can be greatly helpful to your claim.

A photo showing a liquid that has been tracked around the floor suggests it has been on the floor too long, and the property owner should have seen it and cleaned it up. Pictures of tall displays or poor lighting that would have made it difficult for you to see the problem can also help your case.

Two important factors are how long has the condition existed and should it have been cleaned or repaired during that period. Because this evidence can be cleaned or repaired rapidly, good evidence, such as photos, eyewitness statements and a report filled out by the employees can all be important for your claim.

Dog Bites And Animal Injuries

Another area of premises liability law includes dog bites. Businesses and property owners must keep their property in a condition so it does not injure guests or customers. People who own dogs are responsible for keeping their dogs from causing harm.

If you have been attacked by dogs due to the negligence of their owner, you may be able to obtain compensation. Dog bites, especially with children, can cause severe injuries and may require substantial medical assistance, including reconstructive surgery and therapy.

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