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Motor Vehicle Accidents

California is a large state, both in terms of population and physical size. Those two factors contribute to much of the congestion and traffic. If you want to go anywhere in the state, you probably have to drive. San Luis Obispo County is located between two of the largest population areas of the state, and we are also an area of growing travel due to the presence of many wineries along the areas having winding, picturesque roads.

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What it means is there are ever more vehicle crashes throughout San Luis Obispo County. From trucks and cars on U.S. Route 101 to motorcycle and pedestrian accidents through coastal towns and cities on Highway 1, there are far too many opportunities to suffer injuries from all of these drivers and their vehicles.

At Therese Harris Law Offices, our attorney is experienced with helping individuals after these types of crashes. In addition, she is a California native and has lived and worked in this area all of her life. We know the people and the values, and this can be important in helping you obtain compensation, whether in settlement negotiations or at a trial in front of a jury.

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Motor vehicle crashes vary greatly by type and cause. From pedestrians being struck by a distracted driver texting on their phone in a seaside town like Morro Bay to a crash being caused by a fatigued truck driver hauling agricultural products down the U.S. Route 101, they can all seem very different.

But what is same is that an injured motorist or pedestrian needs compensation to pay for their medical care, lost wages and property damage after such a crash. We are a local law firm that can help you deal with all the legal questions, insurance issues and health care problems that inevitably follow these accidents.

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