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Consumer Protection

Consumer protection laws exist to protect consumers. Many debt collectors prey on vulnerable consumers, hoping they don't know these laws exist. At Therese Harris Law Offices, we understand that there are so many laws, it is sometimes difficult to determine if you are protected or if some conduct is illegal.

There Ought To Be A Law

In many cases, there is. And we can help you understand your rights and if you have been harassed, abused or deceived by a debt collector, you can do something about it. Laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and California's Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, are designed to protect consumers from this type of harassment.

Our goal is to protect consumers against unfair, deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. If you have been subjected to collection harassment, such as using profane or abusive language, or calls to your workplace, or have been threatened with arrest, we can help stop those calls. Our attorney has significant experience working with these consumer protection laws.

Know Your Rights!

Creditors, debt collectors, those who subsequently purchase your accounts (debt buyers) and attorneys, who violate the FDCPA and Rosenthal Act, are subject to paying damages, statutory penalties, as well as your attorney fees and costs for violations under these acts, so you can sue these large companies and you won't have to pay attorney fees.

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), unsolicited marketing calls to your mobile/cell, or telephone are illegal. Recording your telephone conversation without your consent may also be actionable. If your credit report is inaccurate, we can assist you there as well.

Prohibited Conduct Under The FDCPA

There are a substantial number of activities that debt collectors engage in that are specifically prohibited under the consumer protection acts. Some of the conduct that is prohibited includes:

  • They cannot call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. local time
  • Contacting you when they know you are represented by an attorney
  • Threatening you with arrest and imprisonment
  • Calling you at work
  • Causing repeatedly or continuously with the intent to annoy, abuse or harass any person at the called number
  • Lying to you or falsely implying that you have committed a crime
  • Disregarding a written request from you to cease further contact
  • Using false, misleading or deceitful means to collect a debt
  • Using profane and abusive language
  • Impersonating an attorney or government official

This is not a complete list, so contact us to discuss your situation. If you feel you have been abused, deceived, harassed or treated unfairly, we may be able to help you use the various consumer protection law to your advantage and stop the illegal behavior of debt collectors in San Luis Obispo County.

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